Student Tutorials

Is there a link anywhere to videos created for STUDENTS to learn WeVideo (not adults)?

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Hi Sandi -

There are excellent videos in our academy here:
those are designed to be accessible to anybody. Short, topical, clear. You can also embed them or link to them.

Another place to look is YouTube as VERY many educators have created tutorials for their colleagues and students. Search with keywords like “wevideo tutorial” maybe cnsider adding student or teacher to the search. There are thousands, so be ready to create a playlist of the ones that work for your purposes.

The thing is - usually students need no training on our app. In fact - they will often lead the teachers.


Thanks for information

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Thanks @sandi, somehow your note got lost in the shuffle. The resource @john.kline provided is great. Our YouTube channel is a great place for students to find inspiration too:

Here’s a playlist with some tips…

And for green screen…